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On demand Ceph packages for teuthology

When a teuthology jobs install Ceph, it uses packages created by gitbuilder. These packages are built every time a branch is pushed to the official repository. Contributors who do not have write access to the official repository, can either ask … Continue reading

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Gitlab CI runner installation

The instructions to install GitLab CI runner are adapted to Ubuntu 14.04 to connect to GitLab CI and run jobs when a commit is pushed to a branch. A runner token must be obtained from GitLab CI, at the … Continue reading

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faster debugging of a teuthology workunit

The Ceph integration tests run via teuthology rely on workunits found in the Ceph repository. For instance: the /cephtool/ workunit is modified it is pushed to a wip- in the official Ceph git repository the gitbuilder will automatically build packages … Continue reading

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write-only ssh based rsync server

A write-only rsync server can be used by anyone to upload content with no risk of deleting existing files. Assuming access to the rsync server is handled via ssh, the following line can be added to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file command=”rrsync … Continue reading

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Scaling out the Ceph community lab

Ceph integration tests are vital and expensive. Contrary to unit tests that can be run on a laptop, they require multiple machines to deploy an actual Ceph cluster. As the community of Ceph developers expands, the community lab needs to … Continue reading

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Sorting Ceph backport branches

When there are many backports in flight, they are more likely to overlap and conflict with each other. When a conflict can be trivially resolved because it comes from the context of a hunk, it’s often enough to just swap … Continue reading

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Ceph integration tests made simple with OpenStack

If an OpenStack tenant (account in the OpenStack parlance) is available, the Ceph integration tests can be run with the teuthology-openstack command , which will create the necessary virtual machines automatically (see the detailed instructions to get started). To do … Continue reading

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HOWTO setup a postgresql server on Ubuntu 14.04

In the context of the teuthology (the integration test framework for Ceph, there needs to be a PostgreSQL available, locally only, with a single user dedicated to teuthology. It can be setup from a new Ubuntu 14.04 install with: sudo … Continue reading

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restoring an OpenStack ssh public key

When a ssh private key is obtained from OpenStack via openstack keypair create foobar > foobar.pem the matching public key is stored in the OpenStack tenant. If it is later deleted with openstack keypair delete foobar it can be restored … Continue reading

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oneliner to deploy teuthology on OpenStack

Note: this is obsoleted by Ceph integration tests made simple with OpenStack The teuthology can be installed as a dedicated OpenStack instance on OVH using the OpenStack backend with: nova boot \ –image ‘Ubuntu 14.04′ \ –flavor ‘vps-ssd-1′ \ –key-name … Continue reading

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