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cardstories statistics

An analysis of the last five weeks of logs from cardstories showed the area where improvement would be most needed. The first is to improve the recurring users ratio (currently 1/100), the second is to ensure that new players always … Continue reading

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bug fixing and code review

The cardstories logs were analyzed and a script written to mail the errors.Request.finish was called on a request after its connection was lost. This behavior was fixed to reduce the log verbosity.

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cardstories server race condition fixed

The cardstories server is based on twisted and each server operation that is not CPU is run in a fiber using a combination of deferred and yield. This makes for an efficient code that reads almost like a sequential program. … Continue reading

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cross browser compatibility

The cardstories tests were run on a number of browsers to check for portability issues. They were resolved to match the farsides development requirements.

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write a story 2.0

The tasks required to implemented New board: After picking a card, the author is asked to enter a story were split. An architecture is proposed for animations in cardstories. The reload frequency was reduced to a minimum to create conditions … Continue reading

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board results and transition to cardstories 2.0 client

The invitation pick mockup was integrated. The cardstories 2.0 showcase now runs on the cardstories 1.0 server and both can be used simultaneously. The django authentication release candidate was merged into the master branch.

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reworking the cardstories interface

The interface was reworked and a new development cycle started and is available online. The version 1.0.5 was published in Debian GNU/Linux and announced on freshmeat.

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polling for chat and list of connected players

A backward incompatible change was introduced in the poll method to support chat and online players notification. The client was upgraded to the new protocol. The stable-1.0 branch was created to maintain the 1.x series.

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documented plugin example

An example plugin was implemented with extensive documentation. Additional mails were added to the notification system, for voting and picking. A few bugs were fixed and the release number of cardstories bumped to 1.0.5 with adaptations to run on Fedora14.

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bug fixes, integration and authentication

An infinite loop was fixed in the notification system. A number of minor CSS integration details were implemented. The architecture of a django based authentication was discussed.

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