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Building Ceph Debian GNU/Linux packages

The following script explains how to create Debian GNU/Linux packages for Ceph from a clone of the sources. releasedir=/tmp/release rm -fr releasedir mkdir -p $releasedir # # remove all files not under git so they are not # included in … Continue reading

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Ceph early adopter : Université de Nantes

The Université de Nantes started using Ceph for backups early 2012, before the Bobtail was released or Inktank founded. The IRTS department, under the lead of Yann Dupont, created a twelve nodes Ceph cluster to store backups. It contains the … Continue reading

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Bio++: efficient, extensible libraries and tools for computational molecular evolution

Efficient algorithms and programs for the analysis of the ever-growing amount of biological sequence data are strongly needed in the genomics era. The pace at which new data and methodologies are generated calls for the use of pre-existing, optimized – … Continue reading

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Virtualizing legacy hardware in OpenStack

A five years old hardware is being decommissioned and hosts fourteen vservers on a Debian GNU/Linux lenny running a 2.6.26-2-vserver-686-bigmem linux kernel. The April non profit relies on these services (mediawiki, pad, mumble, etc. ) for the benefit of its … Continue reading

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Disaster recovery on host failure in OpenStack

The host becomes unavailable because of a partial disk failure on an Essex based OpenStack cluster using LVM based volumes and multi-host nova-network. The host had daily backups using rsync / and each LV was copied and compressed. Although … Continue reading

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nova-network debugging tips

A single machine is installed with Debian GNU/Linux OpenStack Folsom. Four instances are created and it turns out that nova-network is configured with the wrong public interface. It can be fixed without shutting down the instance: nova suspend target1 The … Continue reading

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Installing OpenStack Folsom on Debian GNU/Linux wheezy

Installing and testing OpenStack Folsom on a virgin Debian GNU/Linux wheezy takes less than one hour. A set of packages is archived to make sure it keeps working. After checking the pre-requisites such as a public and private interface, the … Continue reading

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flushing OpenVPN routes to prevent temporary incorrect routing

An OpenVPN client routes root@controller:~# ip route show via dev tun0 When the OpenVPN client is down, IP in the network will be cached to go thru the default route instead: root@controller:~# ip route show … Continue reading

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anatomy of an OpenStack based integration test for a backuppc puppet module

An integration test is run by jenkins within an OpenStack tenant. It checks that the backuppc puppet module is installed ssh root@$instance test -f /etc/backuppc/hosts || return 3 A full backup is run ssh root@$instance su -c ‘”/usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_serverMesg \ backup … Continue reading

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realistic puppet tests with jenkins and OpenStack (part 2/2)

The April infrastructure uses puppet manifests stored in a git repository. On each commit, a jenkins job is run and it performs realistic tests in a dedicated OpenStack tenant. If the test is successfull, jenkins pushes the commit to the … Continue reading

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