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gnome3 / libnotify notification for org-mode appointments

Org mode appointments can be notified 12 minutes before with libnotify by adding the following to the .emacs: ; Desktop notifications (setq alert-default-style ‘libnotify) (setq appt-disp-window-function (lambda (min-to-app new-time appt-msg) (alert appt-msg))) (setq appt-delete-window-function (lambda ())) ; Rebuild the reminders … Continue reading

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Global shortcuts for emacs org-mode on Ubuntu

Let say F7 is bound, in emacs, to the org-clock-out function of Org Mode as a shortcut to quickly stop the current clock accumulating the time spent on a given task. (global-set-key (kbd “<f7>”) ‘org-clock-out) F7 can be sent to … Continue reading

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Backporting with magit

Ceph uses GF-Complete stable branch (v1). Modifications required by Ceph were proposed to the master branch. While waiting for the corresponding pull request to be reviewed, a temporary branch (v1-ceph) was created in the Ceph name space for immediate use. … Continue reading

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tip to review a large patch with magit and ediff

When reviewing a large changeset with magit, it can be difficult to separate meaningfull changes from purely syntactic substitutions. Using ediff to navigate the patch highlights the words changed between two lines instead of just showing a line removed and … Continue reading

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