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make -j150 ceph

A power8 machine was recently donated to the GCC compile farm and /proc/cpuinfo shows 160 processors. Compiling Ceph from sources with make -j150 makes for a nice htop display. The result of the compilation passes most of the unit tests, … Continue reading

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The was migrated to the tetaneutral datacenter. It was reconfigured to benefit from a 250GB SSD. The IPv4 assigned to it goes from OVH to tetaneutral (and back) using an IPv6 tunnel.

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installing yet another host for FSF France

Instead of following the howto or resurect from backup, the z2-1 host of the FSF France ganeti cluster was recreated from scratch.

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law and Free Software workshop

A workshop titled La loi et le Logiciel Libre was organized during two hours and the slides are available for download.

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proofreading GNU GPLv3 translation

The draft GNU GPLv3 translation announced the same day was proofreaded (author loic). The comments from the last version of the gplv3 draft and the GPL FAQ were used as a source. RMS was present at the end of the … Continue reading

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node resurrection in the FSF France ganeti cluster

The z2-8 node of the FSF France ganeti cluster was resurected using a 24GB RAM, 2TB disk, i7 processor rented hardware.

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ganeti for the gcc compile farm and OpenStreetMap

A ganeti cluster was setup on a GCC Compile Farm machine. A virtual machine was created for the benefit of OpenStreetMap. It will replace the current virtual machine with better I/O.

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