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webservice daemon: php vs node.js vs python/twisted

The same web service was developed in php, node.js and Twisted/python. The winner is Twisted/python, primarily because it provides a robust asynchronous programming model, can be confortably debugged and deployed.

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mercurial bug fix (issue1590)

A patch for the mercurial bug Bogus exit code 0 for some commands was produced. In the process a few pages of the wiki were updated to improve the introduction to the contribution process. The tests were tuned on a … Continue reading

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ganeti for the gcc compile farm and OpenStreetMap

A ganeti cluster was setup on a GCC Compile Farm machine. A virtual machine was created for the benefit of OpenStreetMap. It will replace the current virtual machine with better I/O.

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Creating a Debian GNU/Linux source package from the VCS (2/2)

A shell script has been completed and creates a Debian GNU/Linux package in accordance to the conventions laid out in the first part of this post. Version 1.2.33 of the packaging farm has been published to further automate the package … Continue reading

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openscenegraph package for Debian GNU/Linux

The Debian GNU/Linux package for OpenSceneGraph required that a FTBFS bug (Fail To Build From Source) was fixed. The result was uploaded to Debian GNU/Linux. New categories were added to the TODO and obsolete files were removed from the candidate … Continue reading

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development testbed for farsides

humanityprojectonline software is being developed at launchpad. A new development machine was created. In the process the INSTALL file was improved by practice. The php tests were run after fixing a problem in the associated makefile.

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HTML to XHTML patch for pidgin

There are many ways to contribute to Free Software and the path depend both on the people running the project and on the habits of the contributor. This is the story of a trhee lines patch fixing an bug in … Continue reading

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Uploading Bio++ packages to Debian

What does it take for Bio++ to enter the official repositories of Debian GNU/Linux ? Julien Dutheil and Loïc Dachary worked together to polish the packages and contribute them to Debian. This page is a summary of the topics that … Continue reading

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Creating a Debian GNU/Linux source package from the XiVO VCS (1/2)

XiVO is developped from a GIT repository and the corresponding Debian GNU/Linux packages are maintained in a SVN repository. An internal tool is used to build Debian GNU/Linux source packages by interpreting their content according to a set of conventions. … Continue reading

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Contribution to

A draft freemium business plan was written for paste3d assuming users would be willing to pay to get more resources. A backup infrastructure was setup to automate daily backups and send warnings when the disk is almost full. A debian … Continue reading

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