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random read disk stress test

When a GNU/Linux machine exhibits a high iowait (i.e. more than 20% of the processor time is locked waiting for IO to complete), it does not always mean a lot of bytes are read or written. It is demonstrated that … Continue reading

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adbapi memory footprint

When using adbapi with a sqlite backend, it is demonstrated that the memory footprint depends on the number of simultaneous connections running at a given moment. This memory is not reclaimed, but it is reused. On an amd64 processor it … Continue reading

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An alternate XiVO gallifrey repository (part 2/2)

The alternate gallifrey repository was assembled from the source and debian GIT repositories and complemented with packages found in the official dak. Some virtual packages ( gallifrey, dahdi-linux-modules, sangoma-wanpipe-modules and misdn-kernel-modules) where hand made. The resulting repository was compared to … Continue reading

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benchmarking with tsung

Benchmarks using tsung on cardstories showed that long poll requires almost no resources, the server is stable with 25 simultaneous requests served in less than 50ms each and that it overloads when going over 200 simultaneous requests.

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The domain was bound to the development machine. A ticketing system and wiki was installed and bound to the git repository. The Debian GNU/Linux package was proposed for inclusion.

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cardstories part 15: invitations

When the invitations look like email addresses, the permalink to the game is sent to the corresponding address. The CardstoriesService class was re-architectured for consistency. The interaction and artwork issues were discussed extensively with Xavier Antoviaque and tartarugafeliz. Solutions and … Continue reading

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xine lintian and FTBFS fixes

The Xine library Debian GNU/Linux package lintian warnings were fixed. The bug introduced by the lack of v4l support in the 2.6.38 linux kernel was fixed.

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Although the virtual machine hosting has 1GB of RAM, it suffers from memory shortage on a daily basis. The causes were analyzed and it was concluded that it will migrate to a larger (4GB and 4CPUs) host. GRUB2 was … Continue reading

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An alternate XiVO gallifrey repository (part 1/2)

An altnernate gallifrey repository repository was created and should be useable in two weeks from now as an alternative to the official repository. The 1.2.38 release of packaging-farm was produced with the bug fixes done in the process.

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cardstories part 14: cancel and autoplay

The –game-timeout option was added to specify that a game left unattended during more than 24h should either be canceled or proceed to the next state. At present the author of the game is required to act to go from … Continue reading

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