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merging cardstories contributions

Xavier Antoviaque contributed patches on a few different topics. They were inlined into a ticket, isolated into a branch, cherry picked or manually reconstructed.

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videoshell testing

videoshell is a standalone shell script to transform MTS videos in the FLV or AVI formats. Tests were implemented and proposed to the author.

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The 1.0.3 cardstories release candidate has been installed. It improves packaging and interaction.

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select a card from a deck

The cardstories JavaScript client was modified to show feedback when selecting a card. The cards are made bigger and overlapping to improve readability. The author of the game can only chose between seven cards instead of 36.

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merging contributions

There currently are three repositories, loic, antoviaque and lincoln. Pending patches from lincoln and antoviaque have been merged into loic repository.

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Testing a XiVO gallifrey repository (1/2)

A debian-installer is available on a host where a virtual machine is network booted on it. It uses the gallifrey instead of the official. An attempt to apt-get install pf-xivo revealed missing packages that were added to the repository. The … Continue reading

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XiVO packages versions

A naming problem was identified that would prevent upgrading and distributing the packages accross multiple distributions. A new naming convention is proposed for discussion, based on the Debian GNU/Linux backport conventions. The 1.2.40 release of the packaging-farm was published with … Continue reading

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running tests

The Practical symfony book is built on an example that can be checked out and installed locally. The tests have been fixed to run successfully with php symfony test:all with help from #symfony, #symfony-fr and François-Emmanuel Lamelliere. The patches have … Continue reading

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