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Safeguard against downgrades in XIVO packages

After submitting an asterisk version with a version lower than the previous one, the packaging-farm created an inconsistent repository. The existing version was 7: and the version being submitted was 7: According to dpkg –compare-versions, the version being submitted is … Continue reading

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nodehack : one day javascript minigame

The topic of the game jam organized at was : hacking. A team of three including Iwan Gabovitch (artwork), Rico Possienka (server) and Loïc Dachary (client) implemented the nodehack multiplayer online game. The screen shows computer nodes that must … Continue reading

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libreoffice Bug Submission Assistant postmortem

From august 29th, 2011 to this day, the Bug Submission Assistant was implemented and released.

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resolving XiVO submissions confusion

A recuring pattern in the past two weeks has been the need to resolve a situation where the build machines and the associated respositories could not be used because either: the reprepro repository rejected one of the packages found in … Continue reading

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XiVO submission configuration

A default configuration file for was created to avoid typos. When the environment of changes, the sources are rebuilt. The 2.0.14 version of packaging-farm was released with these modifications, installed on all build machines with the associated migrations.

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Rebuilding XiVO gallifrey

The production version of gallifrey was rebuilt to strip the timestamp and hash. A compilation problem with sangoma-wanpipe blocking the development version of gallifrey was diagnosed. A bug on kernel-modules dependencies was fixed. To avoid confusion the build configuration files … Continue reading

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libreoffice bug reporting (part 4)

The information required to create a bug assistant page is extracted from the advanced bug tracker query form and the wiki page describing the components using a mixture of XSLT and perl scripts. The BugReport_Details has been updated with class … Continue reading

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