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marionnet squeeze packages

marionnet was packaged early 2011 for Ubuntu. The marionnet, marionnet-kernels and marionnet-ocamlbricks packages were imported into a dedicated virtual machine installed with packaging-farm. The marionnet-ocamlbricks and marionnet were successfully built for Debian GNU/Linux squeeze but marionnet-kernels failed. The authors were … Continue reading

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The was migrated to the tetaneutral datacenter. It was reconfigured to benefit from a 250GB SSD. The IPv4 assigned to it goes from OVH to tetaneutral (and back) using an IPv6 tunnel.

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Bug Submission Assistant : same origin policy violation fixed

All versions of the Bug Submission Assistant had a same origin policy problem preventing user feedback. It was fixed by asking for a server side reverse proxy definition and a variable that can be controled by the enclosing frame.

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XiVO GIT repository re-organisation

The XiVO GIT repository re-organisation aims at creating a single repository for each software. In order to prepare for this migration, the repository directory can be specified as GIT_DIRECTORY to The 2.0.17 version of packaging-farm was published with a … Continue reading

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cardstories server race condition fixed

The cardstories server is based on twisted and each server operation that is not CPU is run in a fiber using a combination of deferred and yield. This makes for an efficient code that reads almost like a sequential program. … Continue reading

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Bug Submission Assistant : components interactions

The component interaction described by Kevin Hunter was implemented. The confusing attachment path was hidden from the user. The user agent is included in the bug description.

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Bug Submission Assistant : sanity checks

The Bug Submission Assistant is built from information found in wiki and bugzilla. When they disagree, either because of a spelling mistake or another inconsistency, the Bug Submission Assistant fails. sanity checks were implemented to detects such inconsistencies and they … Continue reading

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Bug Submission Assistant : attachment improved

The first version of the Bug Submission Assistant only allowed to attach a screenshot after the bug report was submitted. In addition it was not protected from double submission and not comment could be attached to the uploaded document. The … Continue reading

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failure to fix a webkit bug

A webkit bug was selected as a candidate for a first proposed patch. It turns out to be a deep problem being progressively fixed since 2009 and unfit for a first contribution.

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bring packaging-farm to users who need it

The sustainability of packaging-farm depends on the number of its users. There currently are four: a company shipping a software suite to its customers ( Avencall with XiVO ), the software that initiated the development ( pokersource as found in … Continue reading

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