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cardstories statistics

An analysis of the last five weeks of logs from cardstories showed the area where improvement would be most needed. The first is to improve the recurring users ratio (currently 1/100), the second is to ensure that new players always … Continue reading

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packaging-farm for OpenStack Diablo

The openstack software suite is made of a number of software packages. It is packaged primarily for Ubuntu. The nova source packages was built for Debian GNU/Linux wheezy and

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bug fixing and code review

The cardstories logs were analyzed and a script written to mail the errors.Request.finish was called on a request after its connection was lost. This behavior was fixed to reduce the log verbosity.

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installing voozanoo version 3

The voozanoo online questionnaire was installed from sources.

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dalibo debian packages

The dalibo Debian GNU/Linux repository was used to build an alternate repository using packaging-farm.

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