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shared git repository over ssh

A git repository is configured to be shared between users from the same group with: # grep group /srv/repos/git/l2mesh.git/config shared = group The repository directory is set with the group sticky bit so that files created by a user have … Continue reading

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routing ipv6 from Hetzner to an OpenStack instance

The 2a01:4f8:162:12e3::2 IPv6 address is assigned to from the IPv6 subnet provided by Hetzner. The OpenStack host on which the instance running is running is configured as a proxy with sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.proxy_ndp=1 ip -6 neigh add proxy … Continue reading

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realistic puppet tests with jenkins and OpenStack (part 1/2)

A git repository containing a puppet module is bound to a jenkins project. When the repository changes, jenkins boots a virgin puppetmaster OpenStack instance in a dedicated tenant. It runs the script in the puppetmaster instance. In addition to … Continue reading

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creating a Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy puppet client for OpenStack

A Debian GNU/Linux wheezy image is booted and modified to set its hostname based on the content of the metadata. The /etc/rc.local file is changed to run puppet agent –waitforcert 60 at boot time. The instance is then snapshoted … Continue reading

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Configuring jenkins turnkeylinux on OpenStack

A turnkeylinux jenkins is installed to run tests related to the management of the OpenStack cluster. It is configured to be used by registered users only from the web. An IRC bot is installed to allow interactions from the … Continue reading

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