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flushing OpenVPN routes to prevent temporary incorrect routing

An OpenVPN client routes root@controller:~# ip route show via dev tun0 When the OpenVPN client is down, IP in the network will be cached to go thru the default route instead: root@controller:~# ip route show … Continue reading

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puppet master hierarchy organization and conventions

April hosts dozens of services on less than ten hardware machines and less than fifty virtual machines. Their configuration is centralized in a puppet master repository. The order of magnitude is not expected to change in the next few years. … Continue reading

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anatomy of an OpenStack based integration test for a backuppc puppet module

An integration test is run by jenkins within an OpenStack tenant. It checks that the backuppc puppet module is installed ssh root@$instance test -f /etc/backuppc/hosts || return 3 A full backup is run ssh root@$instance su -c ‘”/usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_serverMesg \ backup … Continue reading

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nagios puppet module for the April infrastructure

This document explains the nagios configuration for the infrastructure of the April non profit organisation. It is used to configure the nagios server overseeing all the services. The nagios plugins that cannot be run from the server ( such as … Continue reading

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Migrating OpenVZ virtual machines to OpenStack

A OpenVZ cluster hosts GNU/Linux based virtual machines. The disk is extracted with rsync and uploaded to the glance OpenStack image service with glance add … disk_format=ami…. It is associated with a kernel image compatible with both OpenStack and the … Continue reading

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realistic puppet tests with jenkins and OpenStack (part 2/2)

The April infrastructure uses puppet manifests stored in a git repository. On each commit, a jenkins job is run and it performs realistic tests in a dedicated OpenStack tenant. If the test is successfull, jenkins pushes the commit to the … Continue reading

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