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unit testing ceph : the example

The throttle implementation for ceph can be unit tested using threads when it needs to block. The gtest framework produces coverage information to lcov showing that 100% of the lines of code are covered.

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ceph code coverage (part 2/2)

WARNING: teuthology has changed significantly, the instructions won’t work anymore. When running ceph integration tests with teuthology, code coverage reports shows which lines of code were involved. Adding coverage: true to the integration task and using code compiled for code … Continue reading

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Installing OpenStack Folsom on Debian GNU/Linux wheezy

Installing and testing OpenStack Folsom on a virgin Debian GNU/Linux wheezy takes less than one hour. A set of packages is archived to make sure it keeps working. After checking the pre-requisites such as a public and private interface, the … Continue reading

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ceph code coverage (part 1/2)

The ceph sources are compiled with code coverage enabled root@ceph:/srv/ceph# ./configure –with-debug CFLAGS=’-g’ CXXFLAGS=’-g’ \ –enable-coverage \ –disable-silent-rules and the tests are run cd src ; make check-coverage to create the HTML report which shows where tests could improve code … Continue reading

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gerrit with jenkins : installation and configuration

The review and project management for Git based projects is installed on a virgin Debian GNU/Linux wheezy. Developers of l2mesh must submit patchs to the git repository to gerrit: $ git review remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (1/1) remote: Processing changes: … Continue reading

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rsnapshot puppet module

puppet-rsnapshot is a rsnapshot puppet module published on the puppet forge under the name loic/rsnapshot. It is based on the following assumptions: All machines have rsync over ssh All backups consist of the entire file system of the machine It … Continue reading

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