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Desktop based Ceph cluster for file sharing

July 1st 2013, Heinlein setup a Ceph cuttlefish ( now upgraded to version 0.61.8 ) cluster using the desktop of seven employees willing to host a ceph node and share part of their disk. The nodes are partly connected with … Continue reading

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Resizeable and resilient mail storage with Ceph

A common use case for Ceph is to store mail as objects using the S3 API. Although most mail servers do not yet support such a storage backend, deploying them on Ceph block devices is a beneficial first step. The … Continue reading

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HOWTO run a Ceph Q&A suite

Ceph has extensive Q&A suites that are made of individual teuthology tasks ( see btrfs.yaml for instance ). The helper script could be used as follows to run the entire rados suite: ./ rados wip-5510 testing \ basic … Continue reading

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HOWTO valgrind Ceph with teuthology

Teuthology can run a designated daemon with valgrind and preserve the report for analysis. The notcmalloc flavor is preferred to silence valgrind errors unrelated to Ceph itself. – install: project: ceph branch: wip-5510 flavor: notcmalloc A daemon running with valgrind … Continue reading

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HOWTO install Ceph teuthology on OpenStack

Teuthology is used to run Ceph integration tests. It is installed from sources and will use newly created OpenStack instances as targets: $ cat targets.yaml targets: ubuntu@target1.novalocal: ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2… ubuntu@target2.novalocal: ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2… They allow password free ubuntu ssh connection with … Continue reading

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