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tip to review a large patch with magit and ediff

When reviewing a large changeset with magit, it can be difficult to separate meaningfull changes from purely syntactic substitutions. Using ediff to navigate the patch highlights the words changed between two lines instead of just showing a line removed and … Continue reading

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Ceph development statistics : 2010 to present

Running git_stats against Ceph master today produced the following output. The stats before 2010 were trimmed because the report is too slow to navigate. sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1-dev ruby-mkrf sudo gem install git_stats git clone cd ceph git_stats generate … Continue reading

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Ceph dialog : monitors and paxos

This is a dialog (also published on where Joao Luis, Ceph core developer with an intimate knowledge of the monitor, answers Loïc Dachary’s questions who discovers this area of the Ceph code base. Many answers are covered in Joao’s … Continue reading

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