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HOWTO OpenStack Grizzly and Ceph with Puppet on Ubuntu 12.04

For months I’ve asked people working with puppet modules on a daily basis for a HOWTO that I could follow to setup a new cluster with the Grizzly OpenStack release. Such a HOWTO is not needed for people who develop … Continue reading

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gerritexec: continuous integration one-liner

gerritexec is a command line tool listening to gerrit on a designated project. On each new patchset, it will: git clone the project git pull the patchset cd in the git tree and run a script positively review the patchset … Continue reading

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OpenStack + Ceph on junk hardware and hazardous hosting

OpenStack is installed with puppet and configured to use a Ceph cluster installed with ceph-deploy. The hardware is composed of about 25 heterogeneous HP machines that are over three years old. Five of them have been racked in a basement … Continue reading

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Fully automated disks life cycle in a Ceph cluster

Adding, moving and removing disks in a Ceph cluster can easily be automated and require no manual intervention. New disks are formatted when the configuration tool ( Puppet, Chef etc. ) notices they are unknown according to ceph-disk. When disks … Continue reading

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from zero to ceph in five seconds

The micro-osd bash script is 91 lines long and creates a Ceph cluster with a single OSD and a single MON in less that five seconds $ time bash single-osd starting osd.0 at :/0 osd_data single-osd/osd single-osd/osd.journal # id … Continue reading

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setting up an openstack-installer test environment

openstack-installer is a data oriented replacement of puppet-openstack. The following HOWTO runs some basic tests on vagrant virtual machines that are preserved for introspection with: # vagrant status control_basevm running # vagrant ssh control_basevm vagrant@control-server:~$ ps -ax | grep keystone … Continue reading

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Ceph use case : proteomic analysis

The UMR de Génétique Végétale is a state funded french research facility located in a historical monument: a large farm surrounded by fields harvested for experiments. Johann Joets was assigned a most unusual mission : setup a state of the … Continue reading

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Ceph dialog : PGBackend

This is a dialog where Samuel Just, Ceph core developer answers Loïc Dachary’s questions to explain the details of PGBackend (i.e. placement group backend). It is a key componenent of the implementation of erasure coded pools.

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