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Hadoop like computing with Ceph

Computation can be co-located on the machine where a Ceph object resides and access it from the local disk instead of going through the network. Noah Watkins explains it in great detail and it can be experimented with a Hello … Continue reading

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Organization mapping and Reviewed-by statistics with git

shortlog is convenient to print a leader board counting contributions. For instance to display the top ten commiters of Ceph over the past year: $ git shortlog –since=’1 year’ –no-merges -nes | nl | head -10 1 1890 Sage Weil … Continue reading

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Becoming a Core Contributor : the fast track

Anyone willing to become a better Free Software contributor is invited to attend the next session of Upstream University in advance of FOSDEM. The training starts January 30th, 2014 in the morning, at a walking distance from Grand Place in … Continue reading

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Exploring Ceph cache pool implementation

Sage Weil and Greg Farnum presentation during the Firefly Ceph Developer Summit in 2013 is used as an introduction to the cache pool that is being implemented for the upcoming Firefly release. The CEPH_OSD_OP_COPY_FROM etc.. rados operations have been introduced … Continue reading

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