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Sharing hard drives with Ceph

A group of users give hard drives to the system administrator of the Ceph cluster. In exchange, each of them get credentials to access a dedicated pool of a given size from the Ceph cluster.

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Working on a patch series with gerrit

A small patch series (1, 2, 3) is worked on in the wip-key-inject-unless topic branch. When running git review –yes, each commit is dispatched to the review designated by the Change-Id: of the message.

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HOWTO migrate an AMI from Essex to a bootable volume on Havana

A snapshot of an Essex OpenStack instance contains an AMI ext3 file system. It is rsync’ed to a partitioned volume in the Havana cluster. After installing grub from chroot, a new instance can be booted from the volume.

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Backporting with magit

Ceph uses GF-Complete stable branch (v1). Modifications required by Ceph were proposed to the master branch. While waiting for the corresponding pull request to be reviewed, a temporary branch (v1-ceph) was created in the Ceph name space for immediate use. … Continue reading

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Merging with magit and ediff

The jerasure v2 branch is merged into the v2-ceph branch.

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Celebrate Firefly and Icehouse

If you’re in Atlanta Sunday 11th, may 2014 evening, for the OpenStack summit or any other reason, join us to celebrate the OpenStack Icehouse release and the Ceph Firefly release. There will be both OpenStack and Ceph developers present and … Continue reading

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