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Ceph read-only mirror on gitlab

The gitlab-mirrors scripts are installed to setup a a read-only Ceph mirror, updated hourly. It is used for permalinks such as src/osd/

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HOWTO debug a teuthology task

To debug a modification to a ceph-qa-suite task ( for instance, a teuthology target is locked with: $ ./virtualenv/bin/teuthology-lock –lock-many 1 –owner $ ./virtualenv/bin/teuthology-lock –list-targets –owner > targets.yaml and used to run the test with: ./virtualenv/bin/teuthology \ … Continue reading

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Gitlab workbench

Gitlab is installed on using docker images. redis is installed first, as an independant container: docker pull sameersbn/redis:latest docker run –name=redis -d sameersbn/redis:latest then MySQL docker pull sameersbn/mysql:latest docker run –name=mysql -d \ -e ‘DB_NAME=gitlabhq_production’ \ -e ‘DB_USER=gitlab’ \ … Continue reading

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Teuthology docker targets hack (2/5)

The teuthology container hack is improved to snapshot the container after Ceph and its dependencies have been installed. It helps quickly testing ceph-qa-suite tasks. A job doing nothing but install the Firefly version of Ceph takes 14 seconds after the … Continue reading

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Running make check on Ceph pull requests

Each Ceph contribution is expected to successfully run make check and pass all the unit tests it contains. The developer runs make check locally before submitting his changes but the result may be influenced by the development environment. A draft … Continue reading

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make -j150 ceph

A power8 machine was recently donated to the GCC compile farm and /proc/cpuinfo shows 160 processors. Compiling Ceph from sources with make -j150 makes for a nice htop display. The result of the compilation passes most of the unit tests, … Continue reading

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