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The is setup to host the upstream repositories for the GF-complete and jerasure libraries. Contributors may sign-up or re-use their existing GitHub account. A companion continous integration server runs make check on each merge request.

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Customizing the gitlab home page

The customization of the Gitlab home page is a proprietary extension that is not available in the Free Software version. When running Gitlab from docker containers, the home page template needs to be moved to a file that won’t go … Continue reading

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A make check bot for Ceph contributors

The automated make check for Ceph bot runs on Ceph pull requests. It is still experimental and will not be triggered by all pull requests yet. It does the following: Create a docker container (using Checkout the merge of … Continue reading

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Teuthology docker targets hack (3/5)

The teuthology container hack is improved so each Ceph command is run via docker exec -i which can read from stdin as of docker 1.4 released in December 2014. It can run the following job machine_type: container os_type: ubuntu os_version: … Continue reading

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Why are by-partuuid symlinks missing or outdated ?

The ceph-disk script manages Ceph devices and rely on the content of the /dev/disk/by-partuuid directory which is updated by udev rules. For instance: a new partition is created with /sbin/sgdisk –largest-new=1 –change-name=1:ceph data –partition-guid=1:83c14a9b-0493-4ccf-83ff-e3e07adae202 –typecode=1:89c57f98-2fe5-4dc0-89c1-f3ad0ceff2be — /dev/loop4 the kernel is … Continue reading

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How many PGs in each OSD of a Ceph cluster ?

To display how many PGs in each OSD of a Ceph cluster: $ ceph –format xml pg dump | \ xmlstarlet sel -t -m “//pg_stats/pg_stat/acting” -v osd -n | \ sort -n | uniq -c 332 0 312 1 299 … Continue reading

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Gitlab CI runner installation

This content is obsolete The instructions to install GitLab CI runner are adapted to Ubuntu 14.04 to connect to GitLab CI and run jobs when a commit is pushed to a branch. The recommended packages are installed except postfix and … Continue reading

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Gitlab CI installation

Assuming a GitLab container has been installed via Docker, a GitLab CI can be installed and associated with it. It needs a separate database server: sudo mkdir -p /opt/mysql-ci/data docker run –name=mysql-ci -d -e ‘DB_NAME=gitlab_ci_production’ \ -e ‘DB_USER=gitlab_ci’ \ -e … Continue reading

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Copy a github pull request to gitlab

A mirror of a github repository is setup and contains two remotes: gitlab (push) origin (push) The github2gitlab command of gh (run from ~gitmirrors/repositories/Tests/testrepo) creates a merge request in gitlab by copying the designated pull request from github: … Continue reading

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