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How to display the commits from a merged branch ?

A branch gmock was proposed as pull request 483 on GitHub, accepted, merged into master and deleted. It had two commits: bf05ec1 tests: replace existing gtest 1.5.0 5cbe0c5 gmock: use Google C++ Mocking In GitHub, the reference pull/483/head is preserved … Continue reading

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retrieve github pull requests in JSON

The following python function returns a map associating each pull request number to its JSON description for the given repo. The OAuth token is needed so github will allow more requests to be processed during a given time frame. The … Continue reading

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gf-complete test coverage report

The make coverage target is added to gf-complete to create a lcov report while running the tests with make check. The full report is archived.

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Teuthology docker targets hack (4/5)

The teuthology container hack is improved by adding a flag to retrieve packages from a user specified repository instead of The user can build packages from sources and run a job, which will implicitly save a docker image with … Continue reading

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Building Ceph Debian GNU/Linux packages

The following script explains how to create Debian GNU/Linux packages for Ceph from a clone of the sources. releasedir=/tmp/release rm -fr releasedir mkdir -p $releasedir # # remove all files not under git so they are not # included in … Continue reading

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