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Upgrade nodejs on Ubuntu 14.04

To run gh a version of nodejs more recent than the one packaged by default on Ubuntu 14.04 is required: $ apt-cache policy nodejs nodejs: Installed: 0.10.25~dfsg2-2ubuntu1 Candidate: 0.10.25~dfsg2-2ubuntu1 Version table: *** 0.10.25~dfsg2-2ubuntu1 0 500 trusty/universe amd64 Packages 100 … Continue reading

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Provisionning a teuthology target with a given kernel

When a teuthology target (i.e. machine) is provisioned with teuthology-lock for the purpose of testing Ceph, there is no way to choose the kernel. But it can be installed afterwards using the following: cat > kernel.yaml <<EOF interactive-on-error: true roles: … Continue reading

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Ceph OSD uuid conversion to OSD id and vice versa

When handling a Ceph OSD, it is convenient to assign it a symbolic name that can be chosen even before it is created. That’s what the uuid argument for ceph osd create is for. Without a uuid argument, a random … Continue reading

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Re-schedule failed teuthology jobs

The Ceph integration tests may fail because of environmental problems (network not available, packages not built, etc.). If six jobs failed out of seventy, these failed test can be re-run instead of re-scheduling the whole suite. It can be done … Continue reading

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