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Public OpenStack providers usable within the hour

The OpenStack marketplace provides a list of OpenStack public clouds, a few of which enable the user to launch an instance at most one hour after registration. Enter Cloud Suite has a 2GB RAM, 2 CPU, 40GB Disk instance for … Continue reading

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Setting a custom name server on an OpenStack instance

In an OpenStack tenant that is not allowed to create a network with neutron net-create, the name server can be set via cloudinit. The resolv-conf module although documented in the examples is not always available. It can be worked around … Continue reading

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OpenStack instance name based on its IP address

A DNS has a set of pre-defined names such as: … the-re018 the-re019 … If nova fixed-ip-reserve is denied by the OpenStack policy and neutron net-create is not available to create a network with the subnet that … Continue reading

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Delete the last port of an OpenStack router

When trying to delete an OpenStack subnet and the associated router, the command neutron router-delete complains because of the port allocated for the gateway and the port of the gateway cannot be removed with neutron port-delete because it is owned … Continue reading

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OpenStack script to pre-allocate fixed IPs

The script allocates ports and indirectly gets fixed IPs from the DHCP server. The ports are named openstack000, openstack001 etc. and they are displayed in a format suitable for dnsmasq: $ python –count 2 –net fsf-lan | \ … Continue reading

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create / delete an OpenStack instance with python-openstackclient

The python-openstackclient library has an example that provides the basic structure for a new command (the auth_url problem workaround may be needed). To create a virtual machine with 1GB RAM, 1CPU, ubuntu-14.04, using the teuthology keypair on the fsf-lan network, … Continue reading

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Teuthology docker targets hack (5/5)

The teuthology container hack is improved to run teuthology-suite. For instance: ./virtualenv/bin/teuthology-suite \ –distro ubuntu \ –suite-dir $HOME/software/ceph/ceph-qa-suite \ –config-file docker-integration/teuthology.yaml \ –machine-type container \ –owner \ –filter ‘rados:basic/{clusters/fixed-2.yaml fs/btrfs.yaml \ msgr-failures/few.yaml tasks/rados_cls_all.yaml}’ \ –suite rados/basic –ceph ANY \ … Continue reading

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