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An algorithm to fix uneven CRUSH distributions in Ceph

The current CRUSH implementation in Ceph does not always provide an even distribution. The most common cause of unevenness is when only a few thousands PGs, or less, are mapped. This is not enough samples and the variations can be … Continue reading

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Ceph space lost due to overweight CRUSH items

When a CRUSH bucket contains five Ceph OSDs with the following weights: weight osd.0 5 osd.1 1 osd.2 1 osd.3 1 osd.4 1 20% of the space in osd.0 will never be used by a pool with two replicas. The … Continue reading

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Comprendre la démocratie liquide

J’ai beaucoup de mal à expliquer l’idée de démocratie liquide et ce n’est pas faute d’avoir essayé. Peut-être que le coté récursif de la délégation de vote n’est pas naturel pour les non-informaticiens. A l’occasion de l’entre deux tour des … Continue reading

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Ceph full ratio and uneven CRUSH distributions

A common CRUSH rule in Ceph is step chooseleaf firstn 0 type host meaning Placement Groups (PGs) will place replicas on different hosts so the cluster can sustain the failure of any host without losing data. The missing replicas are … Continue reading

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