Benchmarking Ceph jerasure version 2 plugin

The Ceph erasure code plugin benchmark for jerasure version 1 are compared after an upgrade to jerasure version 2, using the same command, on the same hardware.

  • Encoding: 5.2GB/s which is ~20% better than 4.2GB/s
  • Decoding: no processing necessary (because the code is systematic)
  • Recovering the loss of one OSD: 11.3GB/s which is ~13% better than 10GB/s
  • Recovering the loss of two OSD: 4.42GB/s which is ~35% better than 3.2GB/s

The relevant lines from the full output of the benchmark are:

seconds         KB      plugin          k m work.   iter.   size    eras.
0.088136        1048576 jerasure        6 2 decode  1024    1048576 1
0.226118        1048576 jerasure        6 2 decode  1024    1048576 2
0.191825        1048576 jerasure        6 2 encode  1024    1048576 0

The improvements are likely to be greater for larger K+M values.

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