An alternate XiVO gallifrey repository (part 2/2)

The alternate gallifrey repository was assembled from the source and debian GIT repositories and complemented with packages found in the official dak. Some virtual packages ( gallifrey, dahdi-linux-modules, sangoma-wanpipe-modules and misdn-kernel-modules) where hand made. The resulting repository was compared to check for its useability.

composing gallifrey

The gallifrey repository is made of packages built from the GIT repositories, some extracted from the official repository because they are not under GIT and others built for the occasion (kernel-modules and meta-packages). The source of each package is documented in /var/cache/packaging-farm/build/gallifrey/Makefile which is the meta-package that depends on all the others:

# Submitted from the GIT repositories
# for dir in asterisk dahdi-linux asterisk-sounds-gsm-de-de asterisk-sounds-wav-en-us asterisk-sounds-wav-es-es asterisk-sounds-wav-fr-ca \
#       prompts-xivo prompts asternic-stats agid base-config ctiservers ctiwebclient extra fetchfw \
#       lib-python provisioning queues-logger sysconfd utils web-interface ; do packaging-farm DIRECTORY=$dir submit ; done
# Retrieved from because they are not yet in the GIT repositories
# deb-src lenny-xivo-gallifrey-dev main
# for package in asterisk-chan-capi libasterisk-perl libpri misdn-kernel misdn-user \
#                sangoma-wanpipe spandsp pf-xivo pf-xivo-backup  ; \
#                do ( rm -fr $package ; mkdir $package ; cd $package ; apt-get source $package ) ; done
# Hand made packages
# gallifrey
# dahdi-linux-modules
# sangoma-wanpipe-modules
# misdn-kernel-modules

The hand made packages (i.e. Makefiles) can be retrieved from their respective repositories:


Mirroring the directory is enough to get all the information required to re-install a packaging-farm from scratch.

comparing repositories

In order to make sure that the new gallifrey repository does not deviate from the existing dak, the packages it contains were extracted from sources and compared.

# deb-src lenny-xivo-gallifrey-dev main
        mkdir -p dak
        apt-get update
        cd dak ; awk '/^Package/{print $$2}' /var/lib/apt/lists/dak.proformatique.com_debian_dists_lenny-xivo-gallifrey-dev_main_source_Sources | \
        while read package ; do ( rm -fr $$package ; mkdir $$package ; cd $$package ; apt-get source $$package ) ; done

        rm -fr farm ; mkdir -p farm
        cd farm ; for package in `ls /var/lib/packaging-farm` ; do \
                if [ -f "`echo /var/lib/packaging-farm/$$package/gnulinux/debian/i386/lenny/src/*.dsc`" ] ; then \
                        ( \
                                mkdir $$package ; cd $$package ; \
                                dpkg-source -x /var/lib/packaging-farm/$$package/gnulinux/debian/i386/lenny/src/*.dsc ; \
                        ) \
                fi ; \

        cd farm ; for package in * ; do \
                if [ -d ../dak/$$package ] ; then \
                        farm_dir=`find $$package/* -maxdepth 0 -type d` ; \
                        dak_dir=`find ../dak/$$package/* -maxdepth 0 -type d` ; \
                        diff -ur $$dak_dir $$farm_dir ; \
                else \
                        echo $$package not in dak ; \
                fi ; \
        done > /var/www/diff/diff-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.txt
        cd dak ; for package in * ; do \
                if [ ! -d ../farm/$$package ] ; then \
                        echo $$package not in farm ; \
                fi ; \
        done >> /var/www/diff/diff-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.txt

.PHONY: dak farm

The result is archived with a timestamp.According to Nicolas Hicher, the numerous SVN tag substitutions that are missing because of the migration to GIT will be harmless:

-       $Revision: 10011 $
-       $Date: 2011-01-21 17:22:28 +0100 (Fri, 21 Jan 2011) $
+       $Revision$
+       $Date$

packaging-farm release 1.2.39

A few issues were reported against the latest packaging-farm, but they were not fixed because they are not blocking. Other problems required immediate attention and they were fixed in the 1.2.39 release

        * home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm/lib/Makefile:
        kill all processes left over in a chroot before trying to umount

        * home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm/debian/changelog, home/www
        /packaging-farm/packaging-farm/debian/control, home/www/packaging-
        farm/packaging-farm/lib/Makefile, home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-
        farm/lib/debian/, home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-
        farm/lib/debian/, home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-
        add support for wheezy

        * home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm/lib/
        add support for debian src format 3.0 by recognizing the

        * home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm/etc/packaging-farm.conf:
        change the semantic and example of SIGN_debian

        * home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm/submit/
        preserve epoch from version, if any

        * home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm/bin/packaging-farm.1:
        document the updating of the chroots and add a section on
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